Friday, August 29, 2008


My name is Raimo, for those of you who've never heard that name before, thats ok. it's from Finland, and so are my parents. I'm the youngest of five boys, and we all played ice hockey, well that is until I switched over to ballroom... You could say if I wouldn't have listened to a girl down the street to try out for my highschool ballroom team, I wouldn't be blogging this right now. That small decision put me on a path that led me to Jessica. I served a mission and then came home. I went to byu, and thats where i saw her... At 8:00 a.m. gold one latin, Brents class... and that is where the story will begin...

The "Y" Goers

Raimo had never hiked the the Y before so we headed up last week.
We look so excited.

We got to watch the sunset on our way up...

It was beautiful! It was a perfect day to go.

The lights were awesome
and so was the view

The Y was all lit up with lights for graduation. It was cool.... You can see the outline of the Y behind us.

We love the Y !!!

my side

Once upon . . . Well I guess this summer. . .
I had found my queen, and now we have our own blog, I was assured that blogs are the way to go. much more mature than say myspace or facebook, it's the married couple way. now on to more important things. this is how it's going to go,
  1. I will write a chapter of our life actually it will be my side of the story
  2. the story will come one chapter at a time, so once a week you'll get the continued story
  3. I might write other stuff as well.
  4. why? because I have no idea what else to write about. maybe some fiction stories would be nice.
  5. thats it...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Start at Home

Yesterday I was inspired by HGTV to "start at home" and decorate our apartment. I set off for BedBath and Target, gift cards in hand, determined to find the perfect accent candles and picture frames and sequined pillows. It was so much fun! I bought our first piece of sitting furniture: a chair! Yay! Until now we have been getting well acquainted with the floor in the family room. I also had to buy few new fall sweaters for Raimo and myself because they were just too cute. That night Raimo and I ate a great chicken-and-pasta combo with salad before the decorating fest began! Raimo helped out by giving excellent advice and holding pictures in various positions against the wall for long periods of time. I really love how it looks now! I'm going to try to figure out how to post pictures of the before and after. Dad, I love my nest!

From my darling

Our one month anniversary-
sitting on the couch/table

the bare bedroom

Our move-in was so messy! We had no place for all our junk!

Pictures of the new room are on the way