Monday, August 24, 2009

Jazz Fest

So it's probably about time for me to post some new pictures. Problem is, our camera is busted. I think it just gave up and died. But I'll figure out something soon.

We had such fun last week of summer--we got to go swimming and go dancing at the MAC and go on a drive in the canyon. Best of all was the jazz festival in Park City. The venue was outdoor on a big grass hill with trees all around. We really liked Warren Hill and of course we liked the main event, Al Jerreau. The craziest part of the whole thing was it started pouring rain on us while we were listening to him. Tons of people left, but tons of people stayed too and just pulled their blankets and chairs over their heads! We had an umbrella! It was a really fun day and I definitely want to go again next year!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I have been wanting one of these babies...

The shark steam pocket mop!!! Click here.

It swivels, has washable pockets, and even has a duster pocket so you can dust with it! All you need is water! I don't currently own a mop, which may or may not be gross since I only have 4 square feet of kitchen floor. This is the one! I'm sold

Monday, August 10, 2009

And I'm feelin' good

I am finishing summer term on Wednesday. I'm feeling strangely relaxed and nonchalant about everything.
The last couple of weeks were really poor weeks. Somehow a lot of checks went through at once. . . or something like that. And then of course we went on vacation . . . and sort of bought some new outfits for a wedding . . . and some birthday stuff. It was all worth it, but we were a little concerned. So we tried not to worry about it. Basically, that is how we work now. And things worked out! Amazingly, we got invited to dinner at some friends. And another friend decided to go on a carb-free diet and so he passed on all his carbs to us, thank you! And we went out to dinner with Raimo's parents one night, and to their house another night, and out to dinner with my grandma and aunt another night. So basically we have been eating despite our lack of funds. In fact, we have a lot of food in our fridge. The ironic thing is . . . we're going on yet another vacation this weekend. I was sitting at work wondering how on earth that was going to happen. And then while rummaging through my purse I found a card with some cash in it that grandma slipped to me on our last visit. And then I knew everything was going to work out. Does this happen to anyone else?? Because it happens to us all the time!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Only two posts in July and both were about school! BOooring. So what's been going on with us lately...

Raimo had a birthday on Wednesday--we had a fun day. He's 24 and that is really weird. He got a navy and a gray suit--they're both really cute!

We also went on vacay for 2 days to Riverside and hung out with my family. We ate everything in sight and went swimming and to the drive-in movies. I did everything possible to procrastinate my homework.

We've started practicing dance again with new partners (Kate and Alister)- our first competition is next week. Raimo and Kate have a lot of fun--they're both really easy going. And Alister and I are really intense about everything, so it works :) The fun thing about dancing with Alister though is that we "estep" or "estamp" our feet. Somehow that's just better than "stepping"! I think Raimo and I practiced with Katalister more last month than Raimo and I did in the whole year. We're definitely improving. What a surprise..?

Besides that, we have not done too much summer stuff! We're growing out our hair and trying to be tan. We work a lot still. I'm excited for fall because I'm only taking 5 classes/ 12 credits! It's going to be awesome. I'm also hoping I'll get to do a little of this