Friday, March 26, 2010

Life today

I need to post some pictures soon--we have a ton from dancesport.

I have a ton of things to do in the next two weeks. I don't feel like doing them right now. Like finishing biology. So I'm not.

I got major whiplash in my neck from dance--I woke up at 6 am this morning and couldn't move my neck for the pain!! I still can't move my head to the right at all--I've never gotten it this bad. It's really slowed down my day... so annoying.

I have my last choir concert this weekend. Last one of my life. I'm sooo sad. There may be other choirs, but there is nothing like a BYU choir. And there is nothing like BYU Singers. Rehearsal everyday is pretty amazing. If there is anything I will miss after graduation, it will be that particular dose of music every day.

I'm excited for summer and for having some time--just plain old time.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lately I have been feeling in the dumps. For no good reason. I guess I have reasons, but they are not very good. Anyway, I had a little wake up call on Sunday (like I usually do at church) and realized that God always has an answer, or at least something comforting for me. Reading the Ensign, I just felt like the articles were really meant for me, even though the topics were varied and not directly related to me. And can you believe the fireside last night was all about something I'd been thinking about? On Friday I was just bemoaning the lack of real friendships in my life right now. Of course I have my husband and my family, but every close friendship I've had with girlies in my life has kind of faded or bluntly ended. I have a million friendships with people that just don't seem to get past, "Hi, how are you?" Seriously, I am asked that question at least ten times a day at school, dance, choir, church, and work. And those people are all people I care about, but there isn't one of them that I could imagine just calling them up to chat. Am I missing my high school phone-talking days? haha. Maybe. I have not had any real girl talk in a while!!!
SO I didn't go to the fireside actually (I was watching the Oscars and Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz and Miley Cyrus dresses were some fav's), but when I opened up the Daily Universe, there was the recap for me. Plain as day. Friendship. It gave some insight and ideas. I especially liked that he talked about eliminating some of that virtual reality we depend on for friendship. Haha um the Oscars? and the bachelor and Tenley and Gia have been some of my really good friends this semester! Anyway, I was just reminded that the gospel is all about joy--it really gives you answers to even the most trivial of my concerns.
On a more exciting note, I am getting a hair cut today. It has been about 5 months. yikes. And tomorrow I get nails for the big ballroom comp. this weekend. I am still pretty nervous about it!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Monday, shmunday. Had the morning off work today, but I had to get up anyway to study for a sewing midterm. Darn! Then ended up finishing the midterm by 11:30 and didn't have class till 1 ! Darn again! Could have slept in a little bit later! But I guess it was good I had plenty of time for the test. Today is so busy. In fact, the whole week will be so busy with tons of practice before nationals. I can hardly believe it's next week already. Wow it comes fast.

We had the most random weekend. Raimo and I never stay up past midnight, but on Friday we stayed up till 2 watching Mad Men (I was at work till 1), and on Saturday we stayed up in Salt Lake till 12:30 hanging out with Alister after my choir concert. We got to bed so late! And so yesterday we had to get up at 7:50 am, so we took a nap after church. For FOUR AND A HALF hours!! (probably a record for me) so we weren't tired for bed till about 1 am again. It's a bad cycle! Must go to bed by 11:30, or I get SO messed up. I'm feeling really sluggish today.

PS we had to get up at 7:50 yesterday because ward choir was meeting to practice before sacrament. I am ward choir director, and our performance of How Great Thou Art went quite well, if I do say so myself.