Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This weekend

We are preparing to take off to Finland. Actually, it has been hard to plan for this trip because there have just been so many other things to think of, even right up until the day we leave. We are going to have a great time though. Just need to get through this weekend. It is going to be so crazy. And Raimo has to finish 3 finals tomorrow so we can leave Friday morning. We are driving Blake's truck down and he is flying--thankfully we were able to work out a way to get down there. We will drive straight to girls camp in the St George area where we are giving talks and dancing and singing, then continue on late into the night to Las Vegas. Sleep. Wake early and drive straight to a bridal shower for Traci. We were such good friends, especially senior year, and we have kept in touch through college. I really like how we can just talk for hours and how we love all the same stuff--cute clothes and shoes, going out to eat, and watching movies! Total girlfriends. I wish we could see more of each other. I'm so excited she is marrying Jeff--they are a great couple! I have some cute favors for the shower and a cute present for her. Anyway, the shower is on Monica's birthday, so we will probably celebrate her birthday on the following Monday at the zoo. We will squeeze in some Father's day celebrations on Sunday and then celebrate Mom's birthday on Tuesday and on Wednesday we take off for Finland. This trip might feel like a vacation from real life! But probably not. Tammy has so many things for us to see and do, and we are stopping in New York on the way back. Hope the money lasts till then! haha

In other news, we have been spending a lot of time at Mikko and Nicole's house since Raimo has had class in Salt Lake twice a week. I play with her babies and pretend they are mine and that's fun. I really love watching Raimo play with kids, especially little Mikko, who is 6 and half. Mikko takes him so seriously, no matter what Raimo tells him. The other day he was teaching him the things he needs to practice so he can become a Jedi. For example, he has to use the force to do special balance tricks, he has to obey his mom and pick up the playroom, he has to use the force to fend off the styrofoam arrows Raimo shoots at him. Mikko believes everything Raimo says to him, but he never believes me like that! And it's really cute to see Raimo hold a baby. In some ways babies make him nervous, but they look so cute and tiny wrapped in a strong bicep. It's also been fun to get to know Mikko and Nicole a bit better. We stayed up there like 3 days last week and just hung out and laughed and played. It is fun for me to have an older sister to talk to.

That is what's new. I have been quite busy since my previous posts, planning my talk and shower stuff. I also worked on an editing job, created my little graduation announcement (it actually took forever), and have been going to bed later and later every night. Well, talk to you when we get back,

Friday, June 11, 2010

Car shopping

We said goodbye to our Honda yesterday. I'm feeling a little sad about it because it has served us well. But I just have to keep reminding myself how mad I was at that car for breaking on the way to St George and how I wanted to just abandon it right then and there. We made some money off of it and are hoping to find a new car soon.

It is so hard shopping for a car. I would never have thought it would be so un-fun. I really like the idea of a brand new car or a car that is a 2009. Everyone we talk to has their own strong opinions about how and what to buy. Some people insist on a specific brand name, some people think we would be crazy to buy a brand new car. Some say, "Why not. Buy a new car--that would be fun." Some say buy something based on its re-sale value. Some say quality over cost, some say cheapest is best. Seriously though, everyone we talk to is very opinionated about how to buy a car. Why does everyone think they know? At the same time, everyone is right. But we want to be somewhere in the middle.

We want a car that will be a good car for the next 4 years maybe, or longer (unless we feel like trading it). We want to spend as little money as possible, but I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on something I don't even like to drive. I hope we can find a beautiful, shiny black thing to drive that just has all the sweet features I want, that is comfortable, and that is going to drive well. I want to make long road trips without any fear of breaking down. I want warranties, I want it all. Oh, and I want it to be cute and to have really great AC. Is that so unreasonable?

Here's what we've looked at.

Ford Focus

Toyota Camry

Chevy Cobalt

Kia Forte

Hyundai Elantra

Honda Civic

Are you sensing a pattern? They all look about the same, they are all in the same price range. I just want to find some dealer that's gonna give us the best deal of our lives.

We are currently driving Raimo's little black low-ride truck from high school, lovingly called the beaner. I am hoping it holds up long enough for us to figure something out!!!