Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

We rewatched the movie The Nativity Story, and wow it is so touching and powerful. It feels a little slow in the beginning, but I think it is a necessary build up of all the evil in the world and of the story surrounding Christ's birth. It captures all the things that Mary and Joseph felt, and shows the desperation of their last moments before finally finding shelter at the stable. The birth meant so much more to me now that I've had my own children. I held them so tightly as we watched. It is an amazing cinematic moment. We had already sung Christmas hymns, got teary singing Silent Night, and read Luke 2, but this really topped off my night and made me so grateful for the Savior descending to a dark world and sacrificing everything. I also felt the sacrifice of his parents, and of others who came before Him. I'm so thankful I live in a safe, comfortable place. I am feeling very blessed and very thankful in my warm home on this Christmas Eve. We also had a special gift that we gave the kids tonight and I'm excited to post about it here soon.

On a lighter note, I can't wait for the children to wake up on Christmas morning- the best fun all year!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Magic babies

Last night I made hamburgers on the stove. They turned out really yummy. The kids actually ate it. Afterward I turned on some jazzy Christmas music and made Raimo slow dance with me in the family room. The children were tugging at our legs and whining at us to dance with them. So eventually we split and I slow danced with Rose and Raimo danced with Finn. The kids were so happy. The lights of the Christmas free lit up their faces in our dark house. We switched around partners. At one point, Rose was dancing on top of my feet and she looked up at me with such happy eyes and her beautiful smile, and I wanted to bottle it up. It makes everything worth it.

When we do things all together, Rose often declares,"I have my WHOLE family!" She loves the wholeness of having all of us together and it's always so sweet and such a good reminder that we are complete together. If she gets to go on a date with mommy or daddy, she is always really concerned that Finn doesn't get to come. And she loves when all four of us are holding hands while we're walking. Children are amazing glue in families 💗 I love mine so much. Babies are magic.