Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Song

I'm loving this song by Jay Loftus and just found an acoustic version. I think his voice is so cool. And cool hair!
Dangerous Girl

Monday, January 28, 2013

18 months

So tonight I read Love You Forever, that tear-jerker picture book for parents. Rose lost interest, but I love it. It is a good reminder of the lifelong love that we have for our children. It binds us to them, and to our parents. And by the end of it we are naturally sobbing! So to tonight I'm just thinking about my lovely baby girl and all the new developments I'm loving in her.

Today I was stretching after a run ( I have become a runner in the past few months- I hate it but I can't stop) and Rose kindly joined me in stretching. Her stretches were pretty cute :)

Loves putting lotion on her hands

Can count to 3, but her favorite number is 2

Learned the itsy bitsy spider and does the little motion with her teeny fingers

Says Pop! Pop! Pop! over and over for popcorn popping on the apricot tree

She started throwing fits when I change her diaper. She is getting more dramatic

She waves all the time with big smiles, at strangers and friends alike. It brings big smiles to everyone around her. She also loves to give kisses and butterfly kisses

Brings me books spontaneously and often. She especially loves animals (doggies in real life!) these days and knows all the sounds they make

18 months is really fun. You can tell we are moving into toddler phase right about now. She is so opinionated and talks and talks, though still mostly in her own language. We can't get enough of it. My family are all just gaga over her every move.

In other news, Raimo got a job today! More on that later!!!!