Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dating Diaries 17

Our engagement was a little under 4 months long. It was extremely exciting and busy. My mom and I booked a boat in Newport harbor for the reception and we scheduled the Newport temple (the pink temple!) for the sealing. We went wedding dress shopping, which was so fun! We made plans for the photos, flowers, food, music, etc. I was finishing up my junior year of college and Raimo was finishing sophomore year. We shared the news with all of our friends and coworkers and family- everyone was so happy for us. Raimo and I spent every day together. It was kind of stressful preparing for a wedding. I remember getting the invitations in the mail and being totally stunned and afraid of the finality of it all. After invitations went out, it would be more real. And I cried. I remember talking to my cousin Tracy about it, and she told me about talking to her sister Stephanie the night before her wedding. She just asked, do you love him? It takes some faith to take such a big step in life. I took that step with excitement, joy, fear, and faith. I knew I loved Raimo. In fact, I never really asked God if it was a good choice because I already knew that Raimo was a spiritual, good man and I felt He would approve of any righteous desire I had to marry such a man. As the wedding date drew closer, I got really excited about playing house with Raimo-getting to have a place of our own and being together all the time. It was summer and I was warm and happy and so looking forward to being a bride!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dating Diaries 16

So I left you all hanging a few months back and I never finished this series. Raimo and I took a trip to Seattle over Thanksgiving break and stayed with his brother and sister-in-law. We had an amazing time. It's always exciting to me to go on a trip, and even more exciting to go with a boyfriend! We had an amazing time seeing the sites and enjoying the rainy fall weather. One night we were snuggling on the blow-up air mattress in the spare bedroom. Raimo was supposed to be sleeping on the couch downstairs, but we pretty much stayed up almost all night together for most of the trip. It was dark in the room except for the light of the street lamp that was coming through the window, and the rain was making a beautiful sound on the roof. Raimo pulled out a little surprise for me- a locket with our pictures inside. That night was the first night we talked about the possibility of us getting married. Because of that, it became a very special trip that we will always remember. And Seattle is a city with many happy memories. From Seattle we flew to Riverside for my best friend's wedding. Raimo had his first Thanksgiving with my family and met a lot of important people in my life.
Re-cap: at this point we had known each other a little over a year and had been dating exclusively since the previous Valentine's (with one break-up over the summer when I went to Europe). I felt very different about Raimo than past boyfriends. I was unwilling to give this one up. He made me feel very loved. He was a romantic, and I liked that. He really went above and beyond to make me happy, giving me little gifts, writing love letters, taking me on dates, and we spent all of our time together. Over the next few months I had a few very frustrating times because Raimo took a very long time to propose, yet we were planning on getting married. His being slow to action in life has been particularly frustrating to me in many aspects of our time together! I usually do a lot of pushing. And Im sure that has frustrated him! However, he usually made it up with his genuine kindness and selflessness. In fact one day he knelt and proposed to me on campus, I think out of desperation, because we were having an argument about it. And I said no. We were in our sweats for goodness sake! And we were arguing! He did eventually do it though.
The day before Valentine's day he romanced me with roses and love notes throughout my school day, from my car to the desks at school to my chair in choir to dance class, delivered by his friends and my friends, until I had a whole bouquet at the end of the day. It was a throwback to the year before- our first Valentine's when he had done something similar. It was such a fun day for me! That night I had a choir concert. Afterward he gave me a final rose and a last letter telling me how much he loved me. We were driving in the car and it began to snow. He pulled over and got me out of the car onto a snowy bank and knelt down and asked me with snow in his hair. I said yes! And we were over the moon. I remember wanting to revel in that feeling. I liked that only the two of us knew it. We went out to dinner at Ottavio's, our Italian place, and had a quiet dinner and just enjoyed our new engagement. Afterward we started making phone calls and taking pictures and telling friends. It was exciting-something I had been looking forward to since I was little. I was so in love and happy and full of dreams.
To be continued..

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Here's a little update on life. Raimo is working at New Horizons selling IT software training programs to businesses. It's only been a week. The commute is a little bit too long, but he's being a good sport about it. Hopefully the job will develop into something really great or at least add to his experience. I get up in the mornings with Rose around 6. We have breakfast and watch tv. I have totally been slacking on running- just don't feel like it, plus I have a cold. Then we do bath time for Rose, and I read scriptures while she is occupied. Then get her dressed and distracted with a basket of bracelets while I shower. The daytime is not super exciting around here. Sometimes I do errands with my mom or go out to lunch, sometimes just hang out at home. If I am being productive Ill do a craft or clean something. I just finished two books: 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, which I really really liked, and These Things Shall Be for Thy Experiemce by Neal A Maxwell, which taught me a lot. I haven't been in the reading mood lately- sometimes I get in the groove and I can read for hours, but lately I have had trouble just sitting down and focusing.
I have, however, been watching more tv, which may not be a good thing. I watched all of the seasons of Downton Abbey and enjoyed it very much. I love Mr Bates. and the grandma. And Cybil (sp?) and i love hoping that Matt and Mary will one day finally be together!! I'm watching the Bachelor, which is a stupid as ever and also highly entertaining to me. Also a few episodes of Modern Family. That show makes me laugh.
I still listen to a lot of music. It makes life better. I have been listening to a lot of groovy 70s stuff, 80s love songs, classical, smooth jazz, etc. I just can't get enough music in my life. It makes me happy. Ive had this really nostalgic vibe for the past few months and nothing quite hits the spot like the right song.
I've also started teaching voice lessons to a couple of little girls in our ward. I am loving it!!!! I want to get more students. I'm guessing there's a demand for it since no one else teaches in the area.
I tried out for a show this month that I was really hoping to make. It got down to 2 of us girls for the lead role and they had us read and sing at the callbacks for hours. They went with the other girl! Happens pretty much every time when I'm going for the lead. I do kind of like the fact that nobody knows me--I have literally nothing on my résumé, so I get this little shock factor that I'm relatively good yet have no experience. The producer at this last audition said after I sang, "who ARe you and where have you been?" Haha. I'm just grateful to have made it that far. I'm trying out for another one in a few weeks so wish me luck. I'm feeling good about it! I really miss performing.
One thing I do love is having a piano again. It feels so good to play whenever I want to!
Lastly, Rose loves to swing and be outside. We are lucky to have gorgeous weather ( well it did rain yesterday) and I certainly am enjoying it. It does a lot for my spirits! I also am loving being in my hometown. It makes me happy going to all these familiar places and driving these familiar streets. With no snow on them! Lucky me!
Oh. And I got bangs.