Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm taking poetry again...

Rabbit Food

"I'm trying to quit," she said stickily

through a bite of caramel cheesecake.

My spinach salad stuck to my palate

as I answered, "You're not overweight."

"But I'll have to jog three extra miles

to burn even half of this off.

She looked so distressed, I said, "Give it a rest,"

playfully nudging my plate toward her.

How many women are still trying

to eat more romaine and iceberg?

Most charismatic are red-tip fanatics,

arugula lovers pull a close second.

Water cress, spinach, Chinese lettuce,

looseleaf, Swiss chard, radicchio, endire.

"I'll have the Thai--dressing on the side.

Can I have extra peapods on that?"

Faithfully, we chew our cud,

knowing that salad is best.

shedding the pounds by chewing a mound

of wet leaves and veggies with zest.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Wow this month flew right by me! SO much has happened. Raimo and Katie did a competition this month and took first place in both novice and pre-champ. They're going to give me a run for my money this November. I'm mostly excited about my cabaret routine, which is coming along. We're moving pretty quickly, which is great since we only have about 6 weeks until we compete! I'm really enjoying the song we picked for it too! Classes are going fine. Even though I'm taking way fewer credits, I still feel as busy as ever. That may be partially because of my work schedule... I work a lot more early and late hours when I have to open and close the office. But I'm still really happy with my job overall--I just can't seem to find a normal sleep pattern. One night I was awake till 3:30 am because I just couldn't sleep, and I had to get up so early the next day! Ugh. I'm also staying busy by actually doing all my reading for school. In the past I've always been perpetually behind in my classes, but I am mostly on top of things with fewer classes!

Raimo has the best schedule in the world. He has classes from noon to 7 on Tue/Thu and he has Mon, Wed, Fri off--no school. Nada. He usually does some work from home those days and works on homework. And dances of course. He is doing really great with his work goals--they get rewards if they hit a certain mark. Last month we got a 300$ gift card to Best Buy! I think it is really motivational for him too and it is exciting for him to be able to do so well even when he's in school. I don't know how he does it. He just gets people excited about internet and tv. I know I'm excited.

I'm getting really excited for conference. I feel ready for a good spiritual boost. Hopefully we'll get to spend time with Monica and Raimo's parents too.

I'm not excited that the forecast says it's going to snow. It just can't be that time yet. Snow is so much work. Can't it just snow for like 3 weeks in December??

Lastly, Raimo and I need a new computer soon. Any day now this laptop is going to shut down. The question is PC or Mac?? I have always been a fan of PC--I just that I know how to use them well and you don't have to worry about conversions because most people have them. But I'm taking a class right now that uses Macs for design and I am enjoying it so far. But do I really want to make such a drastic switch?? And this brings me to another question: laptop or desktop?

What should I do? Leave me a comment. I love comments. And tell me why, because of course everyone loves what they have.

I'm Jessica and I'm a PC.

Thursday, September 3, 2009