Sunday, May 4, 2014

Finn's blessing today, and other photos from the last few months

Snow White

Rose looking at her shadow
 Disney California Adventure

 Too cool for school
 Sunday walk

I love this one..
 and this one..
 Where Finn sits when I need to brush my teeth or basically do anything in the bathroom. Bathtub hammock. Rose shared her little mermaid book

Easter presents from Mimi

 Let's take a selfie, Finn! He has a great pose

 First ponytail

 Disney tram
 Making eyes at my man

First trip to Disney (these are out of order)
 Retail therapy: double stroller

 Pointing with her eye, as usual

 Finn's first carousel ride

 Riding Pirates of the Caribbean (Rose got scared, but she did pretty well on some of the bigger rides-she still talks about the pirate ride)

 Can I hold baby budder?

 FHE at Disney

 "I got the magic feather!!!"
 Seriously. So cute.

 Playing Snail Pace
 Ward Easter egg hunt
 notice her mouth is full in every shot

 Moonlight beach park

 Our hot tub routine
 Easter morning
 Gathering eggs
 New books!
 Finn in his bunny hat

 Chillin in Grandpa's fire helmet.
 Retirement party

 Blessing day today!!!

 Wearing dad's blessing tuxedo

 Smiley man