Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reality. Just in case I ever forget.

Today I woke up not feeling so awesome, kind of under the weather and really tired. It was 5:30, and I layed in bed hoping to fall back asleep. Too many things in my head. At 7 I heard Rose calling for me. She slept in! "Mama! Mama!" She always starts the day on a positive note--how do children feel so great when they wake up? I turned on Sesame Street and fell onto the couch to let myself drift a little longer. Shortly after Rose was requesting a samich (sandwich). "How about breakfast?" I ask. "Bekpist!" And she bopped into the kitchen. When toddlers run, it seems to have that effect; their little bodies go up and down a lot. Is it those short leggies? When I run, I imagine it's a lot smoother, like a gazelle. But hey, I probably look more like a toddler than I want to admit to myself. SO I decided on instant oatmeal. Because Rosie's digestive system needs all the help it can get. And that was totally rejected. She purses her mouth shut, turns her chin down, and looks up at me with those eyes, daring me to a challenge. So then I try to play it off like it's my oatmeal because nothing makes her more jealous than watching me eat my food and her not getting any. My plan does not work this time. So I decided to give her the option of no breakfast, which was rejected. So then, she decided to let me feed it to her. Good choice, Rose. She is looking so serious at breakfast today. Big eyes. So much going on in that little head. She eats the oatmeal, then we watch a little more tv while I mess around with my phone. Then I give her the option of a walk or swimming. Both are rejected (starting to notice a pattern?) I realize my stroller is in Raimo's car, so swimming it is. I get changed. "Nakey bum," she points out for me. Yep, I think all my dignity is pretty much gone. But it's funny and it makes me laugh every time she says it. I guess I must say it to her when she's naked and I'm oohing and ahing over her squishy baby self.

There are no more swim diapers. So I decide to risk it because she doesn't usually do her business when we're not at home. Swimsuit with no diaper. Nice times at the hot tub. The water's way to hot for a warm morning, but neither of us will touch the pool, so hot tub it is. She pulls the cover off for me, requests the bubbles (which I turn on), and we put our feet in. A little playtime happens, then she gets quiet and is squeezing her fists and I realize the oatmeal may have done its job. I quickly spring out of the water (in graceful pregnant fashion) and we head into the little bathroom, where Rose begins to scream because she realizes we are headed to the toilet. She continues to holler as loud as possible (it is very echo-y and there are fellow residents living on either side), and when I sit her on the toilet it becomes complete terrorized screaming. I hug her and rub her back. "Keep trying!" No luck. A complete and total tantrum. We go back outside and she is still screaming. "Do you want to go back home?" The screaming stops instantly. "Yes." She opens the gate and calmly starts to walk back as I am scrambling to get the cover back on and collect toys and towels and keys.

We get back home and head for the tub--she is deposited, and I try to shake off the frustration of all the screaming of the morning. It really grates at my nerves. I read half a chapter of the BOM. She is ready to get out. I wash her, she screams all the while. I wash her hair and the screaming triples. We get her wrapped in a towel which she likes, but she resumes loud crying and protesting as I get her dressed. "We do this every day, Rose. You have to wear a diaper and clothes." I think I'm talking to myself more than her. Whatever. She stops crying when I put her in front of Elmo again so I can take a shower. Bless you, you tiny red monster. I realize it's 10:38 and I should be leaving right away for Sisters in Scriptures. I take a shower anyway, get dressed, and we're out by 11:05. Rose is protesting about shoes and about leaving in general, but I appease her with promises of Jo Jo at nursery (her second cousin who is also 2). I make both of us a pb&j because this is just what we need at that moment. We talk about Jo for most of the drive and eat on the way. Everyone is going 35 mph and I'm not too happy. We arrive at 11:20. I'm very late. I get Rose out of the car. "Hold you," she requests. Sure. She sits atop my belly, basically. It is not so comfortable. "I love you very much, Rose." "I love holding you," she replies. "I love you holding me too." I have a happy mama moment. I drop off Rose at the nursery, she screams, I walk away, and she is fine. I sit down in the class for 30 minutes, breathe, enjoy it, and wish it were longer.

Afterward, we say hello to my cousin and aunt, pry Rose from Jo Jo, and run some shopping errands. She is pretty well-behaved considering it is nap time. I won't go into detail on the shopping fun. When we get home, she books it away from me because it is nap time. Commence pregnant lady run. I get back into jammies, she gets milk and stories, then bed.

I have been decompressing and eating toffee peanuts and just doing my thing. I love nap time. Thankfully she is actually sleeping today. If I get ambitious, I might make no-bake cookies because I have been thinking about them for weeks. But  maybe not. Toddler Rose is much more of a roller coaster than baby Rose, although there were stressful times there too. Good thing she is so darn sweet in between times.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

More dance

For your viewing pleasure: my favorites of  last show

Choreographed as a tribute to the choreographer's husband for always catching her when she falls. Tear.

Based on "should we stay together or break up." Love this song.

Weird but cool

So technical and so expressive. Love the song

Friday, September 20, 2013

Dear baby,

So far you have:
- gone sea dooing
- watched a lot of movies
- gone on a daily walk with your sister
- joined mom on stage with the three musketeers
- had an ice cream cone just about every night
- eaten a lot of home-cooked meals 
- gone to the beach a few times
- listened to a lot of piano playing
- started kicking mama during week 17
- made mama incredibly tired and dizzy
- delighted us with your wiggles
- listened to lots of stories and songs with your older sister each night

I heard your heartbeat, and it is the best sound in the world. You are over 5 inches long now- measuring more like 18 weeks instead of 17. I feel you move a lot even though you are tiny. I can't wait to find out if you're a boy or girl!


Good Morning

I can never get enough of summer and am always sad when it comes to an end. But autumn is a pretty nice consolation. I always get up at 6, but the past few mornings have been so dark I've had to turn on the lights. That combined with the chill makes it feel cozy in the morning, like autumn in on its way. Of course the sun comes out eventually and burns off all the clouds and I wish for air conditioning. The holidays will be here before we know it. I'm not ready. I want to get a pumpkin spice candle and see some beautiful fall leaves.

I've been reading for fun lately. Sometimes I have a hard time concentrating and I just can't stick with it, but I must be in the right mood. Here are my latest reads:

Daughter of Fortune- Isabel Allende
I enjoyed this novel about a girl raised in Chile by British colonists. There are a lot of characters and stories woven into her search for her love, Joaquin, who took off to Califronia in the gold rush. It's long, but I enjoyed the writing style and flow of the book.

In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd- Ana Mendez
This was a book of short stories that I never finished reading for my Latin American Literature class ( I loved that class so much!) Each story is from the perspective of various Cuban men and women who immigrate to America to escape the reign of Fidel Castro. There is a juxtaposition of the old and new, of the new country and beautiful old Cuba, and of dreams versus reality. I enjoyed it.

The Shell Seekers- Rosamunde Pilcher
Talks about the different members of a family and their life stories. I'm still reading it, but so far so good. There are flashbacks to the mother's experience in World War 2 as a young woman, and of each of the children's experience as adults, and of their friends. There is a story woven throughout about a special painting by a deceased grandfather that has remained in the family and might be worth a lot of money. I love that it takes place in England and covers so many different eras.

Anna Karenina- Leo Tolstoy
This has been on my list for a while- I like to read a classic every so often, but it seems to take more time and a little more effort for me to finish. I'm just getting started.

That's about it. It's been nice being able to get absorbed in a book again. 

Rose woke me up at 3 last night and I couldn't get back to sleep. This trend has got to stop!

Friday, September 13, 2013

So I think they can dance


This dance is about a guy who helps lift and free a girl from something that binds her. It is so powerful.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Here comes the baby. 16 weeks this Thursday
 It's 4.5 inches long. 
Here we were at 14 weeks
And some Rose 

Monday, September 9, 2013



There was an excerpt of this devotional in the 
BYU magazine. It is titled Apprentices in the 
Lord's Workshop. It is such a nice way of thinking of
the relationship to God and our capability of becoming
like Him. I loved it and thought I would share.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I steep
in its cauldron.
These are days not swallowed
before they breathe.
Their evenings bridge
toward morning, one motion,
a splendid indolence,
a long novel.
This season's not
bound in batting;
it thunders
through thin linen.
I am a slow cooking roast;
by the end of August
my center will be warm
but still red.

Natasha Saje

Sunday, September 1, 2013


What a month this was. Time is flying. My little Rose is getting more darling. And more busy coloring every surface of my house. My other little is the size of a lemon, and I'm feeling it. I'm 14 weeks- I can't believe it. Second trimester. I'm really looking forward to finding out the gender. I think it helps me connect a little more. 
Long day today. Tired belly. Rose is having fun with her Mimi and Papa visiting from Utah. Here's to September. Do you remember when it was last September? Good song :)