Monday, May 27, 2013

Getting my elbows dirty

Raimo is the king of mixing up his phrases. Tonight he said roll my shoulders up and get my elbows dirty. Can you even tell what that was supposed to be? Ha ha I had a good laugh.
Speaking of which, we rolled up our sleeves yesterday and got our hands dirty in our move to Carlsbad. Every time we move, I tell myself, " I'm not doing this again." We have moved 6 times in 5 years of marriage. It is hard! So much heavy stuff! Heaviest of all was the piano. Still, we felt lucky to have some help this time from family and friends. Of course I got a cold. I always do when I'm stressed or there's a big change coming up. So I'm just in bed today and trying to get better. I'm in a bit of a funk. Ill just listen to Rainin on Sunday one more time.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Three Musketeers

Opening night is next Saturday, June 1st! It's a great story with lots of sword-fighting and fun stuff, and I'm playing Constance. 
If you want to come, get tickets at this web site or through the box office. We perform every weekend in June. Now to get through tech week!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Can't sleep

It's another insomnia night... and I didn't even have any dr pepper today! But I'm up with my thoughts so may as well blog a bit. Got to clear my head somehow.

We have a big change coming up this month in our family. We're moving to Carlsbad because Raimo landed a sweet job. He has been hoping to do pharmaceutical sales since he was a teenager so it was a pretty exciting thing around here. The interview process is pretty heinous but he did it! It will be a welcome change financially and location-ally :) This means I get to apartment hunt! Normally I love looking for a place to live. I think it's exciting scoping out pricing and amenities and all. But it has been a bit stressful this time. We have it narrowed down, but I don't want to choose wrong! Either way, I'm sure we'll be fine- it's just that a living space is a big deal for a stay-at-home mom! We are excited about the area though. It couldn't be more beautiful or temperate. 
Lately I've been keeping busy with another show in Redlands at Lifehouse theater. It's Three Musketeers and I'm playing Constance. I'm having a lot of fun with it, but also feel I'm getting pushed out of my comfort zone acting-wise, so I guess that's a good thing. We perform every weekend in June. Ill be making quite a commute that month!
I got breakfast in bed today. First time ever! It was nice, and I hope it happens again ;) We also went out for Mother's Day dinner last night at El Torito. I got shrimp fajitas-Sooo good! 
On another note, my parents are giving me one if their pianos! I'm excited ill be able to keep teaching in our new place, plus I'll get to play for fun whenever I want. 
I cried a lot today. I was emotional about Mother's Day and about being a mother and about my mother and such. I tried to keep it under wraps. I love being a mom and feel like I've had a lot of failures this year, but on the other hand I know I'm doing a lot of stuff right too. Raimo and I say to each other every day how wonderful our baby Rose is. Being a parent fills you with awe... All the time. It's so crazy. 
It is so hot in my room right now! What is with 100 degree weather in May?!
Still not tired.
Restless brain! 
One last thing, I need to  get my butt in gear and go running again. I have no excuses left! Might help me sleep if I got exercise once in a while.
I've been reading some fairy tales aloud with Raimo at night. We used to read aloud a lot like 4 years ago. The original Little Mermaid is so different!
Okay, last last thing. I've been without Facebook now for a few months. I miss it! It was terrible giving it up. But I think I am not wasting so much time, and I think I am feeling better too. De-electronic-ing my life is good. It was becoming consuming. At least I've still got Instagram.
Ok wish me luck. Goodnight.

Legally blonde fun

Baby blue eyes who is now surprising me with sentences sometimes