Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My finals are done!

  1. No more finals
  2. Now you can focus on the fun stuff, like work and Jessica.
  3. Despite how you did, you don't have to worry about it anymore
  4. Two Words; Home Work.
  5. Actually four words No More Home Work
  6. Have a little more $ for funner dates.
  7. If you can, work on the tan since its summer
  8. 1st summer togethor married (which doesn't go with the finals being over theme, o well).
  9. no back packs for 4 months
  10. More quality time with Jessica! Yay

Monday, April 20, 2009

Charles Dickens

I've started reading again for fun and right now I'm reading A Christmas Carol for the first time. Obviously it's a little different from the Mickey Mouse version--it's so English!

But along with all the extra u's as in "neighbouring" and "labour" and weird words like "misanthropic" and the capitalizing and personifying of words (like "Want is keenly felt" and "Abundance rejoices"), I am really enjoying his little morals for life. Although I don't think that good deeds are the sole factor for determining our place in the afterlife, his story makes me want to do more for the people around me.

Marley's ghost tells Scrooge, "I wear the chain I forged in life. I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and by my own free will I wore it." We choose what we will do with our life. Marley's chain is made of cash-boxes, keys, padlocks, ledgers, deeds, and heavy purses. He has to carry it always in the afterlife, and he is constantly haunted by his inability to go back. And his curse was that he lost the power to intervere in human matters or do good for others.

Scrooge got his chance to change before it was too late. The question is whether or not the reader will have a change of heart. Will I be like scrooge

or like Bob Cratchit?
Isn't Mickey the cutest?


Yesterday I used some lip gloss that I hadn't used in a very long time. And in the sticky part between the lid and the screw, there was sand--probably from my beach bag. And I suddenly felt very sad.

Happily, I am through with my five hardest finals. Two left. And it's relatively warm outside. I guess I should be happy but. . .
I could be even happier.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fearless Heart

I think I am addicted to blogging! But it is just so much fun! I can't help that it's Friday and in 2 hours I will leave work and be free!!! Meanwhile, blogging makes me happy.

I just want to announce that Raimo is an amazing salesman. He made 3 sales in 3 hours yesterday and they all have sizable commissions. Did I mention it was raining? And that he's only been doing this for a few weeks? I'm sure MSTAR is so happy he's on their team. Pure talent. It makes sense--he loved to go tracting on his mission. Really though, who loves TRACTING?He does.
He is fearless. It is a gift. Seriously, he talks to cashiers, makes note of their nametag, and uses their name while talking to them. For example,

Raimo: "Hi how are you doing today?"
cashier: "Pretty good, thanks. You?"
Raimo: "Doing well. My wife is excited that the strawberries are on sale today. We're gonna make some crepes. So how's work?"
cashier: "Kinda busy today."
Raimo: "Wow, you're really good at that. Such speedy service! Whelp. Thanks Rosalita. Have a great day!"

Similar dialogues ensue with other random strangers including people standing near us in line, gas station workers (he knows this lady at the Chevron in Vegas--we go there every time we pass through) . . . Some respond happily, some just don't get it.

What can I say? He's mine. I will leave the talking up to him.

And wasn't he a cute missionary?

Sister Laitinen