Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

it's a special day! Hope yours was great

Some pics for the blog:
I liked this quote

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Tonight I watched Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella with Julie Andrews. I had never seen that version! I love the music so much- there is no song more beautiful than "do I love you because you're beautiful..." I sing that one to little Rose all the time. I would love to be in that musical! 
Tonight we were driving back to Carlsbad from Riverside and decided to stop at Texas Roadhouse. That bread and honey butter!!! We had our 5 year anniversary on Friday, and we kind of ran out of time to really celebrate so we counted tonight (with Rose in tow). It was fitting since we also went there for our first anniversary- kind of coincidence. We are stuffed, but it was so good. Raimo came to my show on Fris at night and we stayed overnight in Redlands since I had a matinee on Saturday. However, the next three shows ended up being cancelled because one of our musketeers got the flu. Such a bummer, but I guess we all got a weekend off. I ended up swimming with Rose and going to church in Riverside so it was a fine weekend. 
This week I want to finish hanging pictures and organizing my pantry and unpacking some final boxes. I love having all my things back and having a space of my own. Here are some recent pictures:
Rose changing her baby's diaper
Clean kitchen and new photo wall
I painted and reupholstered this table and chairs last year- it looks really pretty in this kitchen
Texas Roadhouse
Raimo's latest funny: The fence is always greener on the other side