Friday, July 29, 2016

July 2016

Three washed car seats... And suddenly it seems like I have a LOT of kids!
Packing- we move 10 days before my due date of August 25th

Rose started dusting for fun the other day. She was very thorough and was even dusting some of Finn's cars. I loved her in this moment:

Sharing a seat at the summer dollar movie

The day we tried out our new ward and met some new people

Beach day on Saturday

A Friday night at Chick-Fil-A - love these pics

Last week at 35 weeks

Me holding my boys

The kids playing nice one 9 am beach morning 

Dinner with David after returning from Nauvoo

Our new house we bought!
Playing tea party picnic and pet store
Trying out a new park on a hot morning 

Firehouse subs

Triple bunk bed inspiration

Last day at SeaWorld for Monica's birthday

Princess Rose of Carlsbad at the OBGYN
Baby liking his new outfit
Rose on her actual birthday

Birthday girl

Rosie the night before turning 5

Patriotic concert on the 3rd

July 4th

Summer is flying by- I know I'm wishing it away too much but I just can't wait to be in my new house and have my baby and not be pregnant anymore! 

I wish I had a decent camera to take pictures with. These years will be remembered as the iPhone years, when people took thousands of low-quality photos. It's just so easy to always have a camera in your hand.

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